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Riding a bike is cool. But servicing your bike yourself by getting your hands dirty is even cooler!

Not just you save some dolla' dolla' bills but you also learn more about your pony and understand how it works, what to fix, and what it needs way easier. Servicing your own bike gives you a kick and makes you feel like you're a 3rd generation custom garage mechanic. 

In this series of Youtube videos you'll find Throttlesnake's Founder Oscar Mansilla (AKA Oscar Nivoro) talk you through the process of how to service simple things in your motorcycle like a battery upgrade, changing your oil or oil filter, changing the air filter and many more. Although it doesn't really matter what motorcycle you own since these service points are fairly similar for every two-wheeler, Oscar will show you how to do it on a Triumph Bonneville T100. 

You can visit the Youtube Channel here: Oscar Nivoro 


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