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Throttlesnake is a motorcycle apparel European brand born in Hamburg, Germany. We design every piece in-house, giving special protagonism to high-quality raw materials. All of our products are handmade, leather gloves, shoe protectors, or glove holders made in bovine, buffalo or goat leather and often stitched with Dupont Kevlar to maximize its strength against abrasion. Feel like a real vintage Cafe Racer or Brat, a dirty Scrambler or Tracker, or an old-school Low-Rider or Bobber with these Throttlesnake gloves on. We are also proud of having designed our super resistant Armadillo Hide Kevlar Jacket, with very cool designs and a full inner layer of Dupont Kevlar 220GSM and pockets with CE protections in back, shoulders and elbows. And our T-Shirt collection designed by the top-flight German Tattoo Artist Clemens Hahn. Organic cotton T-Shirts screen printed by hand with unique tattoo designs. Throttlesnake gives you that pinch of rebel with high-quality, stylish and elegant but badass unique goods. And we give you the courage to reach places you never did before, to accomplish things with your two hands, to travel and explore. No matter whether you go to The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride or you are part of The Litas or The Babes Ride Out, you know you have your crew and your one stop shop here.

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