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Badass Leather Wax

First time I tried out this recipe I was so amazed at how well it worked that I started applying it to every piece of leather I would find around the room. It is then when I realized that certain leathers behave differently when being coated with wax, some go way darker, some other pop a crazy grain out, some other look exactly the same way they did before, some become shiny and some other don't but they all have ended up having something in common... They all felt way softer, more flexible and they would not let the drops of water get through. 
Our beeswax emergency tin, perfect to hydrate and protect your leather goodies.
Apart from its natural beeswax smell and its great hydrating properties our Badass Wax also turns your leather gloves or gear into WATERPROOF!! Apply it to the leather, wait for it to absorb it and there you go, hydrophobic gloves! The color will turn slightly darker due to the hydration and the leather's grain will also be slightly more visible. You will nevertheless need to repeat this process every now and then if you want your gloves to be perfectly protected from the weather conditions.
You can now get your Badass Wax Emergency Tin individually or in packs of three to make sure you have enough for all your gear.

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