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Mamba Negra Poisoning

The admirable, the magnificent, the fine and superior gloves are here and they came to stay! The Mamba Negra Gloves are probably the best gloves you have ever tried on, but you don't know that yet. This is where the saying "fit like a glove" gets its meaning from. Goes well with a leather jacket but also with a suit... these Mamba Negra have no borders. With inner lining against cold for a more comfortable fit. With an extra layer of leather in risk areas and with hard knuckles for more protection. The wrist is slightly longer giving it a classier look and imitating the skin of a black mamba snake. And to top it all, Throttlesnake golden logo on the button. BAM! And if you...

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Badass Leather Wax

First time I tried out this recipe I was so amazed at how well it worked that I started applying it to every piece of leather I would find around the room. It is then when I realized that certain leathers behave differently when being coated with wax, some go way darker, some other pop a crazy grain out, some other look exactly the same way they did before, some become shiny and some other don't but they all have ended up having something in common... They all felt way softer, more flexible and they would not let the drops of water get through.  Our beeswax emergency tin, perfect to hydrate and protect your leather goodies. Apart from its natural beeswax smell and...

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Vintage Mustard Glove Trotters are out!

As you have already realized, we love puns, and the name for these gloves is nothing but just another pun! Glove Trotters because they are multi-purpose and therefore can go with you in sh*t loads of adventures around the globe in the shape of a glove. You can race like a vintage rider or you can split a log using the same gloves with different climates and you will be fine! The slightly thicker leather on this glove makes it suitable for a tougher lifestyle but its softness makes it perfect for all lifestyles, without losing the feel at any point.  These bovine leather gloves are stitched with Dupont Kevlar® thread! Because if you fall, which you won't, it's always good to have a strong leather to...

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Pit Vipersssss 🐍 Racing Gloves

The Pit Viper gloves are, how to put it in words... easy peasy lemon squeezy! They have everything you need and nothing else! It took us a while to develop them but now they finally took shape, earned a name and a label! It all started from the need of having an all year long basic glove, nothing too fancy, no inner lining but soft leather inside so the feel is good and comfortable, especially for the hot summer days. We decided to add a little extra protection here and there to make them more attractive and of course safe! We, at all times, wanted to keep that old-school look, especially with the mustard version, as it is timeless. These could be...

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