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Welcome to the future! You won't need an invisibility cloak to dodge the dangers like Frodo did. You have the Petrol Poison Jerseys! They will make you vanish in the jungle or mimic with the beach. If just Rambo would've had one of these... don't even want to imagine! 

These riding jersey will make you disappear during a motocross or flat-track race but also shine in style when you step on the podium!  And they don't just look nice, but also feel nice... The fabric is engineered so that it breathes and does not make you sweat and the cuffs and collar are made out of Nylon instead of polyester so that they feel super soft in contact with those high-stress areas and it does not itch or scratch while you have it on. 

And to top it up we've also put some cushion on the elbow area to make it more comfortable, not so much that it will save your elbows if you fall during a race, but enough to protect you from a silly fall or to comfortably nap at the library when tired of studying for your next exam.

The camo versions would be ISLA (Island), BOSQUE (Forest), and SELVA (Jungle).
And there is a fourth version for the vintage lovers out there: HERITAGE, the tricolor motocross jersey by excellence. 

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