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Throttlesnake. Wide-open country and cruel roads are where they roam – the rattler and the throttle. Fast moves, a low profile, and a note of foreboding in the air. And before you know it, you have them pulsing through your veins.
We design every piece in-house, giving special attention to high-quality raw materials.

Leather gloves, shoe protectors, or glove holders made from cowhide, buffalo leather or goatskin, often reinforced with Dupont Kevlar to maximize its strength against abrasion. Small details that make the difference between “some gloves” and “THE gloves”! The same goes for our ARMADILLO HIDE jacket, with 600D sublimations, Dupont Kevlar lining and CE protections.
Throttlesnake keeps your inner rebel happy with high-quality, stylish, and unique apparel; while helping you explore places you’ve never been before.



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