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Pit Vipersssss 🐍 Racing Gloves

The Pit Viper gloves are, how to put it in words... easy peasy lemon squeezy! They have everything you need and nothing else! It took us a while to develop them but now they finally took shape, earned a name and a label! It all started from the need of having an all year long basic glove, nothing too fancy, no inner lining but soft leather inside so the feel is good and comfortable, especially for the hot summer days. We decided to add a little extra protection here and there to make them more attractive and of course safe! We, at all times, wanted to keep that old-school look, especially with the mustard version, as it is timeless. These could be...

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Road Roamer Buffalo Leather Gloves Launch

It took us blood, sweat, and gasoline to get these beautifully finished buffalo gloves designed and ready to ship, but the waiting time has ended and you can now cruise the roads like a real nomad. If you are the free spirit kind of person then these Road Roamers are for you. Available in two versions, with Kevlar Thread and 0,9mm thickness, or with nylon thread and 1,4mm for the toughest ones. And in two colors, Cognac & Camel.  

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