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WEIT UND BREIT - 6 Questions to Oscar Mansilla

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Find the fantastic original interview from the guys of WEIT UND BREIT here!
Hola Oscar, please tell us more about your label.

THROTTLESNAKE is the crossing between throttle and rattlesnake. Both sharing the same territory, endless and relentless roads. Moves fast, stays low, leaving just a fulminating throttling sound behind it and before you realize, the petrol poison has already molten with your blood. You are one of us now, welcome to the family.

What’s the story behind THROTTLESNAKE?

I use to have an online magazine called »Gentleman’s Pride« and I saw people craved motorcycle gear content in the sector I was focusing on, but the offer was pretty dull and monotonous. This is why as a rider myself, I decided to stop complaining about what was out there and change it by creating my own gear line. A few days later I had the first samples going and a couple of months after that I was in business. THROTTLESNAKE rapidly took over my magazine and it became a full-time work.

What is most important for you? What are the characteristics of your products?

We are real! Since we are in this fish tank, it became pretty clear that there are huge brands dominating this sector. They feed most of the herd with their name, since often they lack quality and most of all design. The small growing brands like ours need to fight hard to strive forward but when someone buys THROTTLESNAKE they’re not just shining away from the herd but are feeding the small fish, the real work and struggle and they are getting a more personalised, unique and very thought trough piece, apart from a way cooler customer experience since we don’t just mass produce and drop-ship like these big companies. We also like to dress real people with real stories this is why we have all kinds of models like a Russian girl missing an arm. Which brings me to the last point, we also focus on women, the market has been overflown for gear for men but women often struggle to find cool pieces with their size, style or fit. We cover that and empower the entry of women into this until now predominantly men-dominated world.

What inspires you?

We love raw materials and vintage looks but also modern fabrics and patterns and sublimations. We love all sorts of leather and how real pieces look and feel with just high quality leathers, bovine, buffalo or goat. But we also like to pimp the oldschool and real look with modern technology. This is why we stitch the gloves with Kevlar thread for instance. Same for the Armadillo Hide jackets, the good ol’ shirt cut, but pimped with a cool design and fully lined with Kevlar and Cordura. We are inspired by the rebel and courageous rider that wants to stand out from the crowd.

What are your personal highlights of your company so far?

At first we wanted to release one glove or two. Today we have more than 25 products and after this interview I will go back to designing three more with my team. At first we thought we would sell some gloves in Germany and today we have taken place in several fairs in Europe, sponsored races and sell our products across all European Countries and a few in the USA. A couple of years ago we bought motorcycle related magazines and now THROTTLESNAKE has already appeared in various articles in the offline paper world. Still a long way to go in order to escape the small fish pond but we’re headed there!

What are the next steps for THROTTLESNAKE?

We’ll soon be creating a lot more video content for our Instagram account and for the Youtube Channel. The visual world became very savvy in a short period of time and some years ago it was enough with standing out with good quality pictures but it seems like nowadays everyone is able to create such still content and we need to move to the next level which is in motion imaginary. So you should follow THROTTLESNAKE if you want to see how we create very cool DIY and cool product related videos.

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