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13 Interesting Facts About Bow Ties

Just like the men who wear them, bows can be very interesting: 1. Their first use was during the Prussian wars when Croatian mercenaries used them to tie their shirt collars shut. French started using them after this making them a style item throughout the XVIII and XIX century.

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Wojtek – The Bear That Fought The Nazis

   This is the story of the bear who fought against Nazis and won.  It all started with the Russian army occupation of part of Poland in 1939.  Thousands of Polish soldiers were captured and taken to labor camps in remote areas in the middle of the Soviet Union where they had to sleep in flimsy tents and where the temperature dropped to an unfathomable -50ºC (-58ºF).

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Document your Road-Trips with an Analog Camera

A couple of days ago my personal computer went to sleep forever. It is the second time this happens to me without having saved all the pics and memories I had somewhere else. Of course we have the cloud, or hard disks to store those precious memories, but going that route, let’s be honest, you will never even look at them. When was the last time you looked at your old pictures…never!

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