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WEIT UND BREIT - 6 Questions to Oscar Mansilla

6 QUESTIONS to OSCAR MANSILLA from THROTTLESNAKE Hola Oscar, please tell us more about your label. THROTTLESNAKE is the crossing between throttle and rattlesnake. Both sharing the same territory, endless and relentless roads. Moves fast, stays low, leaving just a fulminating throttling sound behind it and before you realize, the petrol poison has already molten with your blood. You are one of us now, welcome to the family.

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Ultimate Packing List For A Motorcycle Trip

A backpack is always good if carrying something light, otherwise you would get too tired, and soft as it can act as padding in a fall. In this case this backpack would be useful to have always the important stuff which has to be with you: passport, money, map, water, a hoodie, cell phone… despite all of this could also go on a magnetic bag on top of the tank and you could be having a larger backpack that rests on the seat behind you so you don’t get tired while riding. Try to bring just the necessary which normally is one third of what you actually think you need. Saddlebags, and an extra bag, either in front or back...

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Japanese Motorcycle Gangs – Bosozoku!

Have you seen Akira? If you have, we could say that the motorcycle gangs in Akira were the Bōsōzoku from future. In the real world the word bōsōzoku is often synonym for illegal motorcycle customization and making a very loud noise by removing the mufflers. The gang members don’t wear motorcycle helmets which is also illegal in Japan, they drive dangerously weaving in traffic, speed in city streets just for the thrill or ride in hundreds very slowly through suburbs at speeds of 7km/h, they wave imperial Japanese flags, they start fight including weapons such as wooden swords, baseball bats or Molotov cocktails, they run red lights… The bike at the head of the group is always driven by the...

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SWEDISH FIRE LOG in the woods

A Swedish Fire Log also referred to as a Swedish Torch or Canadian Candle – is a highly efficient campfire for cooking. First developed by the Swedish army during the Thirty Years War, this type of campfire requires just a single log and can be made even when the ground is wet or covered in snow. It is also a quick and easy way to cook food while camping, especially if you have limited wood to burn. All you need is one log and an axe or a saw.

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How Lawrence of Arabia Changed The Camel For The Motorcycle

T.E. Lawrence started being Lawrence of Arabia during the First World War, once he adopted the Arab way of dressing and the language. This unexpected behavior from an English soldier is precisely what made him standout from the other soldiers and made him be respected by King Faisal.

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