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WEIT UND BREIT - 6 Questions to Oscar Mansilla

6 QUESTIONS to OSCAR MANSILLA from THROTTLESNAKE Hola Oscar, please tell us more about your label. THROTTLESNAKE is the crossing between throttle and rattlesnake. Both sharing the same territory, endless and relentless roads. Moves fast, stays low, leaving just a fulminating throttling sound behind it and before you realize, the petrol poison has already molten with your blood. You are one of us now, welcome to the family.

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Clemens Hahn Collection

  We are proud of kickstarting Throttlesnake's first collection by the side of Clemens Hahn. This Top-Flight German Tattoo Artist, Harley Davidson Custom Softail Springer rider and whiskey sour lover is the owner of the "TRULY  YOURS" Tattoo Studio in Mannheim. Despite his young age, Clemens has already been around the scene for a while, one third of his life to be precise, and not just in Germany but also at an international level having been part of tattooing events in the U.S.A., Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Argentina, Colombia, Canada, and many others.     Clemens designed all the illustrations for the 2018 collection. If you like his awesome work check out some more here †CLEMENS HAHN†. And as a canvas for such great designs, we needed great...

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Ladies and gentlemen, we got him! † Diego Fraile

It was not easy but we've finally found him. His real name is Diego Fraile but he was going by the name of "Diego Londrino". We have him in captivity now, at our headquarters, and since he was charged with penal servitude we took advantage of his great skills for Graphic Design and obliged him to help us out with our Branding Strategy and Art Direction. From here we want to thank the Jefferson County Convict Camp #7 for having transferred us their most talented prisoner. Diego Fraile, serving sentence with the number 12987, has made our logo, labels, illustrations and has also being a great piece of advice for many other projects such as Fashion Design, Screen Printing or Lean Management.  From...

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